Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Flower

The real story of how Alice found a teeny tiny fake flower is we were walking out of the fabric store and she found it by the door. Later, when she was asked how she got her flower, this is what she said:

How did you get your flower? - Once upon a time it was in the dirt and water and growing and then it was going to open up so big and beautiful then a whale gave it to me. Then the whale danced with me. The whale got my crown for me and put it high on my bed on my computer desk. Then it throw it and breaks it.

How did you get your flower? - Don't tell me!

How did you get your flower? - Someone was in our house, looking looking, E-I-E-I-O.

How did you get your flower? - Well, my flower got from the beach. It was hiding in the sand and the water. The flower was stuck with Clark in jail. We were in the jail too with all of us. We were visiting someone else in the jail and the flower was there at the farm. We was all looking out the window.

How did you get your flower? - The flower was with Alice hiding somewhere. It was in Zoe and Elmo's tummy with Cookie Monster and Big Bird. They were the honeys, and the mom, and the dad. The daddy is in his bedroom. I just found three spinning things. But I can't reach them. And they found four right here.

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Jennifer said...

That's a flower with a colorful history!